Program Outline


Delta Montessori Preschool offers young children the opportunity to explore and grown in this unique environment utilizing the Montessori method.

This program is for 3, 4 and 5 year olds together in a class and working towards completing the three-year program.

The program is reality based giving the children concrete evidence of the world around them.

Teaching the children global awareness and the appreciation for the environment around them.

They gain independence, self-awareness, self-confidence and importantly problem solving skills.

The teacher presents the appropriate materials to the child, first simple then as he/she masters the activity they are presented with more complex activities.

All the materials have a built in control of error, allowing the child to see the differences and then are able to self correct without the aid of the teacher.

Children work at their own pace choosing work they have been presented with.

All activities have a purpose, preparation for later learning in Math and Language.

The Montessori environment has six different areas in it for the children to explore.

Practical Life:

The purpose of these materials is to help the child become independent and develops a sense of order, fine motor skills and eye hand coordination.

The children acquire care of self, care of the environment, and grace and courtesies.

Sweeping, polishing objects, dressing frames, caring objects and transferring are some activities in this area.

Sensorial Area:

The purpose of these specially designed materials is to refine the children’s senses.

Discrimination of size differences as well as spacial awareness and different shapes and solids.

Language Area:

Children are taught the phonetic sounds of the alphabet.

Pre-writing activities which are helping in strengthening the child pincer grip.

Building phonetic words, phonograms and early reading materials.

More challenging reading material followed by sentence structures

Math Area:

Counting, pattern making and sequencing.

Understanding the decimal system using symbols and quantity materials 1-9000.

Understanding the hierarchy of numbers the ones, tens, hundreds and the thousands.

Then performing addition, multiplication, subtraction and division.

Cultural Studies:

We start by introducing the children to the seven continents of the world.

Using globes and puzzle maps help the children see the geography of the world.

We study two continents per year and three during the third year.

Bringing awareness of the many different cultures found in these continents and how they differ from us.

Looking at the kind food they may eat and the clothes they wear.

Comparing the houses they live in and the many different animals found in these areas.

Parents with experiences from any countries or continents are welcome to come in and share their stories and artifacts with the children.

Science Area:

The purpose is to discover and explore earth sciences helping bring awareness to global warming and the future of our planet.

Magnetic and non-magnetic, sink and float and colour mixing are a few materials that the children enjoy working with.

Life cycles of plants and animals are taught through out the year.

The school also has a garden outside where the children plant and take care of seasonal veggies.




















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