Delta Montessori Preschool offers young children the opportunity to explore and grow in this unique environment utilizing the Montessori method.

The program is set for children aged 3, 4 and 5 as well as Kindergarten all together in one class. Classes are available in either the morning or afternoon.

The Montessori environment includes wide range of learning materials and activities that balance each child's familiarity, ability, and success with the right amount of challenge to allow the child to joyfully grow, develop, understand and learn. A balance of gross-and-fine motor activities applicable to the developing needs of children, as well as small group and individual activities, are available at all times, indoors and outdoors.

Practical Life:
There are four groups of practical life exercises;
  1. Care of Person (buttoning, zipping, tying etc.)
  2. Care of the environment (cleaning, sweeping, gardening, polishing etc.)
  3. Development of Social Relations (greeting, serving, problem solving, thanking etc.)
  4. Movement (balancing, walking, "playing the silence game", etc.) 
This area deals with colour, size, dimensions, shape, form, sound, touch, taste, and smell. The materials enable the child to clarify, classify, and comprehend their world. This prepares the child for many math and language concepts for later learning.

There are many activities that prepare the child for reading and writing. The child is taught the phonetic sounds of the alphabet, and progresses to the building of phonetic words and then on to reading phonetic stories.

The child is able to explore many math concepts using concrete materials that symbolize mathematical abstractions. The child not only learns to count, but he or she understands the concept of "how many" because she held the amount in her hand.

Cultural Studies:
We start by introducing the children to the seven continents of the world by using globes and puzzle maps so the children see and understand the geography of the world. We then study the many different cultures found in each of these continents and how they differ from us. Everything from looking at the kind food they may eat in other countries,  the clothes they wear, and the houses they live in as well as the many different animals found in these areas.

Science Area:
The purpose is to discover and explore earth sciences, helping to bring awareness to global warming and the future of our planet. Magnetic and non-magnetic, sink and float concepts, and colour mixing are a few activities that the children enjoy working with. Life cycles of plants and animals are taught through out the year. The school has a working garden outside where the children play an active role in planting and taking care of seasonal vegetables and fruit.

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